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Andrew Bronwin - Autumnal Woodland

Timber Harvesting & Marketing - maximise your return by utilising our expertise

Timber Harvesting

In a climate of volatile timber values and changing markets a detailed and long established knowledge of local and national markets is essential to optimising returns.

With over twenty five years' experience of marketing softwood and hardwood timber we have a good working relationship with many mills throughout the country and offer reliable access to a wide range of markets.

  • Full range of timber marketing and harvesting services available
  • Optimising returns through the best sale method – delivered in to the mill, standing or roadside
  • Open financial management systems
  • Experienced contracting teams with modern harvesting equipment operating to the highest environmental and safety standards
  • Access to woodfuel and biomass markets
  • Forest roading to facilitate timber harvesting
  • Felling coupes sympathetically designed with replanting proposals aimed at maximising future objectives whether they be timber or environmental
  • Statutory consents obtained such as felling licences, planning permission, and consent for work in Conservation areas or on trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders