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New Woodland Creation

New Woodland Creation

Due to the concerns over climate change the Government is investing substantially more funding into woodland creation with attractive grant aid packages. We offer a service that focuses on the owner’s objectives whether they are timber production, sporting, conservation or amenity.

With tree diseases becoming much more of a concern we aim to produce woodland planting schemes which are robust using species suited to the site.


  • Up to date advice tailored to the owner’s objectives and site conditions
  • Grant Applications – we have extensive experience of Better Woodlands for Wales (BWW), Glastir Woodland Creation (GWC), and the England Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS)

Design and Establishment:

  • Site survey and GIS mapping
  • Schemes designed matched to soils, landform, locality and risks, ensuring high survival rates and an aesthetically pleasing result
  • Extensive knowledge of establishment technology
  • Full contracting service
    • Woodland planting
    • Fencing
    • Vegetation control
    • Maintenance